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I‘m an Interface Designer and Web Developer from Germany. Here are some example of my work at my one-man company

  1. Blog redesign

    A couple of weeks ago, my buddy Ro asked me to redesign his Blog. Up to now he used a modified free Wordpress theme that served the purpose. But he wanted an individual theme with more personality and less unnecessary sidebar stuff und clutter filling up the page.

  2. April showers bring May flowers

    Well, it needed more than a few showers and not only April to get this website done. Working on this since February, I finally have an almost finished new Blog. In the end, I bit off more than I could chew because I used this redesign not only as an experiment for designing entirely in the browser, …

  3. From »Oh.Nine« to »Twenty.Ten«

    I’m not in the mood of writing at the moment. Sad things happend at the very first day of the year and they don’t seem to turn out well. Thinking about the Web, design and any other business related stuff feels so wrong, now. But on the other hand it might be good to fill the empty brain with some positive stuff and look forward. Well, time to move on, find my way back to everyday life and forget the sorrow—at least for now. So, here comes my review and outlook.