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»8 Faces« Review

During the weekend I thoroughly enjoyed reading the »8 Faces« magazine edited by Elliot Jay Stocks. I have to say it’s a long time since I had so much pleasure browsing and reading a magazine from cover to cover. So I felt to write a couple of lines about it.

A different approach

Compared to other magazines in this price range »8 Faces« is quite different. First of all, it only serves one single topic: typography. The qualitiy is very high, it features some nice print finishing on the cover and it has (for magazines) an untypical square format of 21 × 21 cm. Also, it’s not full of advertising, just about 15 tastefully and well presented ads, which are not annoying, but rather interesting to look at.

The content

The ambiguous title says it all: The 8 faces you see on the cover should name 8 typefaces based on the question: »If you could use only 8 typefaces for the rest of your life, which would you choose?« Well, that’s enough to fill 75 pages of great interviews and articles about typography. Elliot got some well-known faces for the first issue and it’s really interesting what say have to say.

8 Typefaces

The idea of choosing the interview style instead of just writing articles is great, because it adds much more personality, feels more casual and makes the reading easier. To make it even more enjoyable, the pages are mixed up with great illustrations, screenshots and photos of the interviewees and their work.

My two cents

Text exampleElliot did an amazing job creating this wonderful piece of good content and art.
All in all the magazine left me with a bunch of inspiration and immediately made me do something creative and play around with typography. It’s definitely something you can leave on your shelf and pick it up every now and then, just to read a few lines or look at some great typefaces or type-related artwork.

There’s nothing negative about this magazine and as it’s the first issue it also wouldn’t be fair to grump about anything, but I’d like to mention a few things that could be improved:

  • The magazine is separated into two parts, the interviews and the additional section with articles, ads, artwork and the likes. Maybe it would be better to mix the interview section up with the other content to make it more diversified.
  • The 8 typefaces are presented in 8 pt, which for some is a bit too small to view their details and differences and makes them look a bit fuzzy.

I’m already looking forward to issue no. 2 in November and I’m sure it will be even better than no. 1! Hats off to Elliot for taking the time and having the courage to release a print product in the digital age. Get the PDF here for only £3.


  1. Hal wrote 2301 days ago · #

    I really wish there were some hard copies left in the wild.

    What a beautiful looking magazine, a great departure from the glossy and over-saturated thin sheets that make up nearly every modern magazine.

  2. Theo wrote 2298 days ago · #

    As i did not get a copy of the first issue i am glad to read about it.Thanks for the nice review !

  3. Carina Marano wrote 2295 days ago · #

    I have to say i actually liked that the interviews were grouped together. It had more of a continuous flow that kept me reading and made it hard to put down. Also, I’m glad that the type was shown at display size as well as body copy size (all except the display faces), because it gave you an idea of the type’s range.

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