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Ideas of March: Return of Blogging

I read Elliot’s first post of the ’new’ year a few minutes ago about joining Chris Shiflett’s idea of revitalising blogging again. This idea is great as I feel similar when it comes to blogs.

For me, blogs lost a bit of its relevance lately and when I look into my feed reader I see that I’m not alone with that. Many web personalities I enjoy reading didn’t post more than one or two posts throughout the year 2011. And many blogs posting on a regular and nearly daily basis are not worth reading as they deliver only those “XX things you should know about …” list post. I know that I’m much too convenient (and sometimes too busy) when it comes to write a post, but it seemes that I’m not alone with this these days.

So let’s revitalise blogging!

What I like most about blogs I subscribed to is

  • the reasoning behind an opinion/statement that Twitter can’t provide
  • solutions for day-to-day problems
  • short and thoughtful posts
  • the personality/style of the writer

Well, I think „short and thoughtful« covers it best. And as always, quality beats quantity.

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