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I‘m an Interface Designer and Web Developer from Germany. Here are some example of my work at my one-man company

My book »Responsive Webdesign« is finally there!

Buchstapel Responsive Webdesign

After so many month of hard work I’m happy to announce my book »Responsive Webdesign – Reaktionsfähige Websites gestalten und umsetzen«. It’s a German book about designing and implementing responsive web design and it covers the important things that came up in the last 2 years.

For me it was a great experience not only writing this book, but also designing the cover and page layout. I learned a lot about all the processes involved creating a book and how time consuming it is.

A big thanks to my wife Sarah who gave me the time and support through many all-nighters and all the hassle around creating a book. Also many thanks to all the people that helped me, foremost, my technical editor, Christian Schäfer (@derschepp)!

If you happen to speak German, grab a copy here.


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