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I‘m an Interface Designer and Web Developer from Germany. Here are some example of my work at my one-man company

New Year – New Luck

I could write a whole lot about what was good and bad last year and what to improve in 2011. But as my goals will change over the year anyway, it’d be best to write about what’s important to me right now.

My business website

Oh my! This one is scheduled for a long time. It’s just a little unfinished single-page that need some care. There are no excuses for not having a decent site here. I promise improvement.

My blog

When I launched it back in May it got quite some positive reactions throughout the community and some mentions in various blog posts and CSS galleries. I was really happy and thrilled lately when I saw my site popping up on Nick La’s Webdesigner Wall as one of the best designs in 2010. Feels great to be on one list with those big names. I take this as a motivation to work on further improvements.

A bigger problem, however, is blogging itself. I failed to write any blog post over the last couple of month which is really annoying. I thought that breaking up content into easy to publish parts like images, quotes, links would help me to publish things more often. I was wrong. The main reason is my dislike to post when I’m working on busy client projects. Need to find a way to get rid of this and to give blogging a higher priority.
Another reason is the way I configured Textpattern, but this is something for another post.

(Web) Typography

There’s much going on since Apple supported OTF and TTF fonts via @font-face in Safari 3.1. Now, three years later we have many web services that deliver web fonts and more and more typefaces can be used on a website.
I played a lot with Typekit and the likes lately and while everything is great on a Mac, most fonts don’t look well on Windows, especially XP. That means we need to be very careful regarding the fonts we chose. Also, with the upcoming browser support for WOFF (Web Open Font Format) we’ll get increasing typography features.
There are many chances (accompanied by responsibilities) but also some pitfalls.
So my plan is to focus on and learn more about web typography in 2011.


So, these are my main topcis for the next weeks, besides lots of client work, of course. I have to say that I’m currently working on some interesting projects with really great clients. So, all in all, the year is starting very well. Cheers!

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  1. Jaffar Khorshidi wrote 2144 days ago · #

    I just came through to your site via Web Designer Wall — the Best 2010 post you mentioned.

    I have to say, I can really relate to this entry at this moment in time and it’s indirectly motivated me to break down my own tasks, a lot of which are the same as yours.

    Wishing you the best of luck for this year and looking forward to what you have in store.

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