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Why 3D doesn't work and never will.

And lastly, the question of immersion. 3D films remind the audience that they are in a certain “perspective” relationship to the image. It is almost a Brechtian trick. Whereas if the film story has really gripped an audience they are “in” the picture in a kind of dreamlike “spaceless” space. So a good story will give you more dimensionality than you can ever cope with.«

Film editor and sound designer Walter Murch makes some good points about constrains in 3D films. I’m one of those having problems watching 3D and I also think that 3D is absolutely overused today. Happy not to be alone.


  1. John Mullins wrote 2135 days ago · #

    Seconded. This entire “omg it has 3d”-fad seems like nothing but a dirty trick to sell poor films to the masses.

  2. Ryan Glover wrote 2130 days ago · #

    I saw my first 3D film not too long ago (Tron) and it sort of ruined the experience. There were times when it just seemed like a bit much. Strikes me more as a promotional gimmick then something I’d like to see all the time.

  3. Philipp Kruft wrote 2130 days ago · #

    Same for me. It’s interesting in the beginning but after a while it’s bothering me more than it adds to the experience. Sometimes it’s even distracting

    Hope it doesn’t take overboard and in a few years it’ll be hard to get a TV without such crap, like it is nowadays impossible to get a decent cell phone without a megapixel camera and lots of other features i’ll never use.

  4. gretzki wrote 2121 days ago · #

    Glad to see others that don’t enjoy this 3D hype.

  5. JCG wrote 2120 days ago · #

    I find current 3D experience in movies just great.

    Of course, effects like CGI or 3D should NOT be used to compensate a poor story. But IMO 3D is a great “compagnon” for a movie offering an interesting plot, good actors etc.

  6. Dan Stativa wrote 2117 days ago · #

    I see that the opinions are on both size, so I will express mine to. Certain movies are enhanced by the 3d experience, others aren’t. But even when the 3d seems right, after a while is kinda stressing. So yeah Christoff, it won’t work ever for an Oscar nominated film, but it works great for SAW :)

  7. graphic designers wrote 2089 days ago · #

    I am not a big 3D fan either – mainly because I do not have binocular vision (seeing things with both eyes at once) so 3D is wasted on me :) I am sure others have their reasons. Good post Christoph

  8. Juan Mata wrote 1598 days ago · #

    This is amazing very nice !

  9. Manuel Neuer wrote 1593 days ago · #

    This is cool and good by you!

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